Bite Fixer - Bug Bite and Poisonous Plant Treatment


”It’s actually stopping the neurotoxins. It’s the most effective thing I’ve ever seen.”
Kevin Carvalho
Okaloosa Island, Florida Fire Captain

“As a practicing clinical pharmacist for the last 30 years and an associate professor in an accredited school of pharmacy, I know the value that topical lidocaine has in alleviating pain and the desire to scratch an area that is irritated with bug bites or poison ivy.
Your product is a 4% (maximum allowed without a prescription) solution and in my personal opinion is the best on the market.”
James W. Fetterman, Jr.
Pharm. D.

“It works! It sells! It’s great! My customers love it!”
 John Ganas
Georgetown True Value Hardware

“Foot traffic in my store was significantly increased by folks looking for Coastal Solutions products.”
Al Brown
Alabama retail pharmacy manager

“I have first-hand knowledge that this product works great and acts fast, too.  It immediately and completely eliminates pain from all bites, stings and poisonous plants that our troops might encounter in the field. It’s also effective on cuts, scrapes, scratches and burns. Its active ingredient, lidocaine, is used in doctors’ offices, hospitals and burn units to stop pain.”
 Lt. General D.E. Rosenblum
United States Army (ret.)

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