Bite Fixer - Bug Bite and Poisonous Plant Treatment

Instantly Fix The Pain And Itch

You’re not imagining things: the number of mosquitoes, biting flies, bees, chiggers, ants and other woodland pests are growing. And if you love the great outdoors, you’re probably going to get bitten or stung at some point. Old Fashioned treatments like vinegar, ammonia, meat tenderizer and baking soda, can make matters worse.

Luckily, there’s Bite Fixer®, a maximum-strength insect bite treatment, with the highest allowable over-the-counter dose of lidocaine, the same anesthetic that hospital burn units use.

In scientific tests, Bite Fixer® is proven to completely and immediately relieve the pain and itching from mosquitoes, biting flies, bees, ants, chiggers and other woodland pests. Bite Fixer® also relieves itchy skin from poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac.

Bite Fixer® belongs in your car, your backpack and your first aid kit. And you can get it at select retailers nationwide or by ordering here.

        Safe for Children two years and older!

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