Bite Fixer - Bug Bite and Poisonous Plant Treatment

How one bad sting stopped thousands more.

J.C. Grayson
J.C. Grayson

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Coastal Solutions, Inc.'s President J.C. “Chip” Grayson’s patented a solution that really does work in alleviating the pain of bites and stings. He enlisted the help of two university biologist, Dr. Peter Verity and Dr. Richard Lee, with 25 and 35 years respectively of clinical experience. Together this team carefully researched potential ingredients that are effective in alleviating the painful bites and stings. Along with Bite Fixer, they tested a variety of pain relief medications such as synthetic chemical products and a host of home remedies that are anecdotally thought to provide relief from stings. 

Dr. Verity
Dr. Peter Verity
Dr. Lee
Dr. Richard F. Lee

 The results clearly documented that topical pain and skin irritation due to stings disappeared with in minutes when applied directly to the bite or sting.

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