Bite Fixer - Bug Bite and Poisonous Plant Treatment

Bug Bite Facts

  • As habitats get warmer and suburbs closer to the woods, people are exposed to more and more bug bites.
  • Chiggers, a juvenile mite related to ticks, live in large numbers on leaves and other vegetation.
  • Chiggers pierce the skin and inject powerful digestive enzymes that liquefy the flesh which the chigger consumes. These enzymes cause rashes and intense itching.
  • Fire ants, now prevalent throughout the Southwest and Southeastern United States, sting more than 20 million people each year.
  • Fire ants latch onto your flesh with barbed mandibles, double over their abdomens and inject their stingers, which contain a toxin known as alkaloid venom.
  • Scratching bites often lead to skin infection and scarring.
  • In scientific tests, topical pain and skin irritation due to bug bites, stings and poisonous plants disappeared within minutes when Bite Fixer® treatment was applied.
  • Bite Fixer® contains the maximum over-the-counter dosage of lidocaine, the same ingredient hospitals use to treat burn patients.

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