Chigger Chaser - Chigger Bite Treatment

Chase Away Chigger Itch.

Tiny chiggers (or redbugs) thrive in huge numbers in trees and shrubs, eagerly attacking golfers, campers, hikers, picnickers and others who venture into brush or wooded areas. The larvae often live in berry patches, tall grass, weeds, woodland edges, pine straw, leaves and tree bark. They bite—and don’t let go of--our skin, which they eat—after injecting it with enzymes that cause that unbearable itch.

The redbugs can live for days--sometimes weeks--on your skin, causing not just intense itch, but sometimes welts, swelling and fever. Old Fashioned treatments like vinegar, ammonia, meat tenderizer and baking soda, can make matters worse. The best remedy: Chigger Chaser®.

This scientifically proven chigger treatment instantly ends the pain and itch of chigger bites with the maximum over-the-counter dose of lidocaine, the same anesthetic that hospitals use on burn patients.

Look for Chigger Chaser® at select sporting goods and drugstores, or order Chigger Chaser® online. And chase away the itch for good.

Safe for Children two years and older! 

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