Fire Ant Coolant - Fire Ant Bite Treatment

Fire Ant Coolant® Extinguishes Stings.

Six decades ago, they marched up from western Brazil, and we’ve been under attack ever since. Fire ants, also known as red ants, have spread throughout the southern United States, swarming over anyone who steps in their way.

Worse, fire ants both bite and sting! First, the ants latch on to your flesh with their mandibles (mouth parts), then sting from their bottoms with a searing venom. The venom burns severely against the flesh. Sometimes they pivot around to sting again and again. The bites leave nasty white blisters that can last for days and if scratched or infected can go on for weeks leaving permanent scars. Old Fashioned treatments like vinegar,  ammonia, meat tenderizer and baking soda, can make matters worse.

Fortunately, there’s a bite treatment proven to immediately and completely stop the pain and itch from these little red monsters, and to help prevent after-bite blisters or pustules: Fire Ant Coolant®. Fire Ant Coolant® contains the maximum over-the-counter dose of lidocaine, the same anesthetic used by hospital burn units. And it’s available online and at select retailers nationwide.

Safe for Children two years and older!

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