Fire Ant Coolant - Fire Ant Bite Treatment

Facts About Fire Ants

  • The southern U.S. is a paradise for fire ants, who left all their natural enemies behind in South America.
  • Fire ants are now prevalent throughout the Southwest and Southeast United States.
  • One fire ant mound can be home for upto 500,000 (half a million) stinging red ants.
  • More than 20 million people are stung by fire ants each year.
  • In fire ant areas, more children are stung by fire ants than by all other insects combined.
  • Fire ants latch onto your flesh with barbed mandibles, double over their abdomens and inject their stingers, which contain a toxin known as alkaloid venom.
  • Fire Ant Coolant® contains the maximum over-the-counter dosage of lidocaine, the same ingredient that hospitals use to treat burn patients.
  • Fire Ant Coolant® has been proven to end the pain and itch of fire ant bites within minutes of application—and greatly reduce the risk of subsequent pustules or blisters.

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