Jellyfish Squish  - Sting and Bite Treatment

How one bad sting stopped thousands more.

J.C. Grayson
J.C. Grayson

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Coastal Solutions President J.C. “Chip” Grayson’s mission began on a family beach outing, when his four-year-old daughter got a nasty jellyfish sting. Nothing her horrified parents tried relieved the little girl’s pain. In fact, rubbing home remedies onto the skin just increased the little girl’s agony. As his daughter screamed, Chip vowed to find a way to end the pain of jellyfish stings.

Over the years, Chip learned that nematocysts–the tiny particles jellyfish inject when they sting–fire and refire burning toxins into the skin when touched. He also learned that lidocaine, the anesthetic hospitals use on burn patients, mixes well with water and could be sprayed (rather than rubbed) onto the sting area.

Dr. Verity
Dr. Peter Verity
Dr. Lee
Dr. Richard F. Lee

Chip worked with Dr. Peter Verity and Dr. Richard Lee of the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography to test various jellyfish sting treatments. Together, they proved that a spray-on lidocaine solution worked best, deactivating the pain-causing nematocysts. Jellyfish Squish® was born.

Further testing, in the lab and on the beach, proved that maximum-strength Jellyfish Squish® stopped sting pain right away. Later tests showed that the maximum-strength solution also eased chigger bites, fire ant stings and other bad outdoor bites, stings and itches.

Today, order Jellyfish Squish®, Bite Blaster®, Fire Ant Coolant®, Chigger Chaser®  and Bite Fixer® online or look for them at fine retailers nationwide.

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