Jellyfish Squish  - Sting and Bite Treatment

Facts About Jellyfish

  • Jellyfish stings are the most common injury sustained by beachgoers each year.
  • Jellyfish stings are painful because when jellyfish tentacles touch us, they release millions of tiny corkscrew-shaped cells called nematocysts. The nematocysts penetrate our skin and repeatedly release painful toxins.
  • When we’re stung, our natural reaction is to rub the injured area. However, this action triggers even more nematocysts to fire their toxins, causing even more pain.
  • In 2006, the British Broadcasting Company reported more than 130 million jellyfish stings. Many experts estimate that the number is actually much higher.
  • The jellyfish problem is getting worse. Increased bacteria and warmer oceans have caused the jellyfish population to increase dramatically in recent years.
  • FDA-compliant Jellyfish Squish® contains the maximum over-the-counter dosage of lidocaine, the same ingredient that hospitals use to treat burn patients.
  • Jellyfish Squish® has been proven to stop the pain of jellyfish stings within 5 minutes of application—and to stop the pain-causing nematocysts from firing again.
  • Jellyfish Squish® has been endorsed by:
    • The American Lifeguard Association
    • Dr. Paul Auerbach, Professor of Surgery, Stanford University School of Medicine
    • Kevin Carvalo, Fire Captain, Okaloosa Island, FL

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