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Jellyfish Squish

Jellyfish Squish now available in the Golden Isles, Spray scientifically proven to eliminate pain from jellyfish stings

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June 16, 2008 - The Islander

Hundreds of thousands of people in the United States are traumatized by jellyfish stings each year, and until now there was no reliable treatment to relieve the severe pain of a sting.

Jellyfish Squish was developed in Savannah and introduced earlier this year as the only product scientifically proven to immediately and completely eliminate the pain caused by a jellyfish sting. The product is now available in retail outlets throughout Brunswick, St. Simons Island and the Golden Isles including the King and Prince Hotel Gift Shop, Frederica Station, Ocean Motion and Islands Republic.

Hundreds of thousands of stings are reported to life guards on Georgia's beaches annually, and certainly many more stings occur that are not reported by the victims.

J.C. Grayson from Savannah, Ga., created the original patented formula for Jellyfish Squish in 2007 and perfected the final product with the help of accomplished marine biologists Peter G. Verity, Ph.D., and Richard F. Lee, Ph.D., from the Skidaway Island Institute of Oceanography. Jellyfish Squish is the only commercially available product clinically proven to immediately and completely eliminate the pain caused by a jellyfish sting.

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