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Bad Situation: You've Been Stung by a Jellyfish

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June 1, 2008 - The South Magazine

Who would have thought that something without bones could pack such a punch? The painful burning sensation occurs as a result of a jellyfish tentacle depositing a shot of toxic nematocysts onto the skin; what makes a jellyfish sting worse than other injuries is its oft-proposed cure: Urine. For those of us who would rather not get peed on, there is good news coming from the Savannah area. Jellyfish Squish, a product developed by local businessman and Coastal Solutions, Inc., President Chip Grayson, along with Drs. Peter Verity and Richard F. Lee, promises to be the once-and-for-all end to jellyfish woes. Grayson says that other cures such as ammonia, vinegar, beef tenderizer and baking soda tend to exacerbate the nematocysts, while Jellyfish Squish seem to disable the toxins altogether. “It begins working immediately, but within five minutes, the sting is completely gone,” he says. “It is only thing on the market that really works.” Scientifically-developed and beach-tested—with 86% of test subjects reporting much or total relief within the first five minutes—get your hands on Jellyfish Squish before the jellyfish get their tentacles on you.

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