Jellyfish Squish  - Sting and Bite Treatment

Take Aim, Stop The Pain. Safe for Children!

Every swimmer, diver, fisherman, boater and beachgoer dreads painful bites and stings – for good reason. Some bites can cause searing pain that last hours and leaves itching and red welts for days. And rubbing the site – a natural instinct – makes it hurt worse.

Old Fashioned treatments like vinegar, ammonia, meat tenderizer, baking soda and urine (ick!), can also make matters worse. But now there’s a new, incredibly effective bite and sting remedy – Squish™.

Expert endorsed, patent pending Squish™ provides instant bite and sting relief with lidocaine, the same anesthetic that hospitals use on burn patients. It’s so powerful, it will eliminate non-poisonous bites and stings within minutes. 

Order Squish™ online or at select pharmacies, beach shops and sporting goods stores nationwide. 

Watch the Squish® TV commercial.

Buy Jellyfish Squish Now! 

Squish® as featured on CBS'
The Doctors on 5/15/09

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