Jellyfish Squish  - Sting and Bite Treatment

"We used Jellyfish Squish on fire coral stings this weekend.  Worked well.  Also for severe sunburn." 

William G-, Science Advisor 


I bought a few dozen bottles to hand out to my surfing friends for Christmas 2008.  My wife had done the research after our 14 year old grandson was stung in July 2008. One buddy shared with an adolescent after a sting and they got immediate relief.  A second buddy got stung himself and got immediate relief. Many have said that the City & County of Honolulu needs to start using the product as part of the Lifeguard Program. 

Rich H- 

I learned about your Jelly Fish / Squish at Our Underwater World in Chicago back in February.  While I am in no hurry to tangle with Jellies I have curious to how effective be.  Jump to today ... while suffering from a drive you crazy kind of itch from a Bactrim (antibiotic) side effect.  I have exhausted three or four different creams including Cortizone 1% with little or no effect. I thought of your product, within minutes finally some relief.  If you don't mind I plan on sharing this info with my doctor.  I had a call scheduled to ask the question do the benefits out weight the side effects.  Just 10 - 15 minutes after a few sprays I know I can continue the medication without further issue.I plan on ordering more Jelly Fish / Squish so I have it for my dive trip in June and I plan to try the military strength Bite Blaster or Bite Fixer -- big need for that in the Midwest.  Again while not in a hurry to test it sounds like a great solution to the Sand Flies found in Roatan Honduras - great diving but those bugs can ruin a vacation. Feel free to use my testimonial of the product.

 John M-


Last Saturday suddenly a teenage girl comes screaming out of the water plops down on her chair behind me and continues to tremble all over and cry. Assuming she has just been stung by a jellyfish – I rushed to the rescue… After a few sprays she seemed to calm down… She asked me where can I buy this product? I told her all the lifeguards have some and you can purchase it locally or on line…not long after, a young girl in front of me comes out of the water crying. I rush over to tell them to please go over to the Lifeguard station and let them spray you with Jellyfish Squish. I watched and made sure the product was used on the girl and the familiar bright orange bottle was in sight. The girl came back smiling and her mother thanked me…it was a busy Jellyfish day that Saturday and I was lucky not to have been stung. But, my beach bag will be armed again next Saturday with that bright orange bottle

Regards, Dianne, Beach Bum




I’m extremely thankful for what JFS has done for me and my family!

Julie D-


 I just wanted to write and thank you for your wonderful product! A few months ago, I moved to beautiful Charleston, SC and have been enjoying the beaches here all summer long.  Last month, during a visit from my parents, however, I experienced my first run in with a jellyfish! The tentacles had wrapped around both legs near the bend of my knee, and the pain was almost unbearable. Having no idea how to treat it, we tried ice, ammonia, warm water, nothing helped.  The pain lasted all afternoon, and then I was left with red welts that itched for days and were visible until just recently.  After that experience, my mother found your product online and ordered it for me.  I keep it in my beach bag at all times, and boy, am I glad! Today I had my second jellyfish sting and what a difference the Jellyfish Squish made! Within minutes of spraying my legs, the pain had subsided, and I have hardly any marks at all from the sting, an incredible difference from last time! I am heartily recommending your product to all my beach-dwelling friends, and will never go near the water without it myself! Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Stacy S-


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