Jellyfish Squish  - Sting and Bite Treatment


“Our national organization heartily endorses Jellyfish Squish as the only real cure for jellyfish stings!”
BJ Fisher
Director of Health and Safety, American Lifeguard Association

”It’s actually stopping the neurotoxins. It’s the most effective thing I’ve ever seen.”
Kevin Carvalho

Okaloosa Island, Florida Fire Captain

“Lidocaine hydrochloride is a well-known and extensively tested topical (skin) anesthetic. It makes perfect sense to me that topical lidocaine hydrochloride should be effective for jellyfish stings, chigger bites, and insect stings, as it is a non-specific anesthetic agent that is capable of numbing superficial skin no matter what the irritant. I intend to carry a spray vial and to utilize it the next time I am bitten or stung, which is inevitable."
Paul Auerbach, M.D.

Professor of Surgery, Stanford University School of Medicine

“Jellyfish Squish appears to be as good as advertised. Carvalho says he used just a tiny amount on a child, who quickly stopped crying and asked to go back in the water.”
Northwest Florida Daily News

“As a practicing clinical pharmacist for the last 30 years and an associate professor in an accredited school of pharmacy, I know the value that topical lidocaine has in alleviating pain and the desire to scratch an area that is irritated with jellyfish stings, bug bites or poison ivy. Your product is a 4% (maximum allowed without a prescription) solution and in my personal opinion is the best on the market.”
James W. Fetterman, Jr.

“It works! It sells! It’s great! My customers love it!”
John Ganas
Georgetown True Value Hardware

“Foot traffic in my store was significantly increased by folks looking for Coastal Solutions products. I moved 111 units of Jellyfish Squish in a week!”
Al Brown
Alabama retail pharmacy manager

”Jellyfish Squish was a shot in the arm for my store.”
David Gruber
Walgreens manager

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