Jellyfish Squish  - Sting and Bite Treatment

Jellyfish Squish Test Results

In tests on Southeastern beaches and in independent labs, Jellyfish Squish® was proven to stop the searing sting of jellyfish, sea wasps, sea nettles and—in a historic first—even the dreaded Portuguese Man-Of-War.

Common remedies such as vinegar, ammonia, baking soda, meat tenderizer and urine were also tested. Not only did these treatments not relieve the pain of jellyfish stings, they made it worse.

Jellyfish sting tests.

In lab tests, pain-causing jellyfish nematocysts were observed under a microscope as various treatments were applied. The home remedies vinegar, ammonia and other products tested did not paralyze the nematocysts and actually caused the remaining nematocysts to fire. But Jellyfish Squish neutralized the nematocysts, preventing further pain.

Tentacle without any treatment

Post Vinegar

Post Ammonia

Post Meat Tenderizer

Post Alcohol

Post Jellyfish Squish


Scientific testing at the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography (an independent institution of the University System of Georgia) proved that applying Jellyfish Squish can prevent most of the red skin lesions that follow jellyfish contact.

Beach surveys, conducted with the finalized formula, on hundreds of sting victims in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida resulted in 100% reporting much or complete relief of pain within minutes. In most cases, relief began within 30 seconds.

Portuguese Man-Of-War tests.

Often mistaken for a jellyfish, the Portuguese Man-of-War is an invertebrate whose tentacles can reach 30 feet. They live in warm ocean waters around the world, and can cause stings even more painful and debilitating than jellyfish.

A series of experiments conducted in May 2009 by the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography proved that spraying Jellyfish Squish on a Portuguese Man-of-War sting paralyzes its nematocysts, preventing them from continuing to fire, and relieving stings within minutes.

Sea Nettle and Sea Wasp tests.

Additional test results clearly document that topical pain and skin irritation due to stings from both sea nettles and sea wasps rapidly disappear within minutes when treated with Jellyfish Squish.

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